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We’ll see you in 2023 for the next Midwest Marksman Classic!

Thank you for joining us for our 2022 Summer Celebration!

YOU made this event so memorable. We can’t wait for Summer Celebration 2023!

Activities included:

  • Mobile axe throwing
  • Unveiling the brand new tournament paintball course
  • Paintball with the Maryville Mutineers
  • Disc Golf!
  • Cupcakes provided by Cinnfull Gourmet (Formerly Angie Cakes)
  • Movie theater popcorn from The Hangar!
  • Kids Open Play Paintball (Just $10/Player with 120 paintballs!)
  • Bounce party with A&M Amusements
  • Snowies Snow Cones
  • Clear Creek Catering
  • And all-day paintball open play! ($5 Off ALL entries!)

Wolverines win the Red Dawn Big Game!


Thank you to everyone who came out to our very first Big Game!

Q: What is a “Big Game” and how is it different from Open Play?

A: A big game is where each team is designated at the beginning of the day and stays that way, in this case the theme is based on the iconic historic rivalry between Pirates and the Royal Navy. Additionally, we will lift the nets between different courses to create one massive field of play for the two teams to square off. Instead of the regular “Team Death Match” that players regularly play, the teams will need to score points for their team in order to win.

Q: How big is the play area going to be?

A: With the nets lifted up the total play area will combine 4 of our largest courses!

Q: Will I get to choose my team?

A: Yes! You can choose your team when you register! (On game day, if there’s more than a 10% variance, we’ll take volunteers to switch teams to make things even)

Q: Will you still have Open Play?

A: No, since most of the fields will be in play for the scenario game, there will not be enough fields for Open Play.

The Fields Paintball

We encourage players of all skill levels to come try out the Fields Paintball. Experience 5 fields of play during Open Play or with a private event.

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