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Team Tryouts!

Black Friday Tournament!

This Black Friday, when everyone else is spending money you can be WINNING IT.

November 26th at 10AM: 3-Man Mech Tournament. (Or 5.5BPS)

Buy in is $100 per team

Grand prize is $300!

Team sign-ups can be done on location at The Fields Paintball, over the phone by calling or texting (816)200-0470, or online here.

Finally, if you don’t want to participate in the tournament but you still want to paintball, Open Play will be available all day long!

Tournament Information & Rules

Maximum of 14 teams. Minimum of 8 teams.

Captains Meeting: 9:30AM

Games Begin: 10AM

Game Format: Team Death Match

If ALL 3 players are not present, teams may play short or forfeit.


  • Player is hit (Marked with paint).
  • Out of bounds, players must be aware of their whereabouts on the field. Out of bounds is considered an obvious, easily verifiable elimination and will be penalized as such.
  • Inappropriate language after warning.
  • Player signals elimination.
  • Dead man walks.

Players must touch start box with barrel before game begins and pointing downfield.


Electric Markers are permitted under the following conditions: MAX BPS: 5.5 and no ramping.


  • Hot Gun : 290-315  1 game suspension , team may not substitute.
  • Hot Gun: 316+ 2 game suspension, team may not substitute
  • Electric Markers:
    • Ramping: 2 game suspensions with no substitutions, loss of point- point awarded to opposing team.
    • 1 game suspension for shooting over the BPS cap.
  • Cheating (i.e. false start, wiping paint, etc.):
    • 1 for 1 for a minor penalty
      • Player elimination plus one additional player
      • Ignoring an unobvious hit
    • 2 for 1 for a major penalty
      • Player elimination plus two additional players.
      • Wiping paint

The Fields Paintball

The Fields Paintball provides the Northwest Missouri area with paintball fields and mobile rental gear for private events.

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