Upcoming Events

Join us May 20th for our 2023 Summer Celebration!

Kids and adults of all ages will enjoy our 2nd annual Summer Celebration!


FREE Paintball Entries!

$8 Paint (1 Hopper Full)

$5 Kids Paintball

$2 Off Ice Cream

$1 Drinks


Yard Games

Bounce House

And More!!!

2nd Annual Pump Tournament: June 10th!

Team Registration is now available!

Additional Information

Team Sign-Ups

  • Each team will consist of a minimum of 3 players.
  • Each team will need to designate a team captain.
  • Registration is $150

Game Format

  • Games will be limited to 5 minutes
  • There will be 3 Prelim games before teams head into the finals
  • In the event of a tiebreaker (to determine finals) both teams will compete in a 1 on 1, best of 3 game. (Teams will choose order of players for 1 on 1 format)


  • Center flag format
  • 10 Points per elimination of opposing player
  • 20 Points for initial flag pull
  • 35 Points for flag hang on your teams side
  • 5 Points for each live player at the end of game
  • Max 100 points per game


  • Pump markers only!
  • 200 Rounds max, per player, per game. (Field paint only)
  • Autotrigger IS permitted
  • No batteries of any kind allowed on player. Only gravity feed loaders. (Such as JOLO, PALS loader, etc. )
  • No pneumatic assist markers
  • 280 FPS field limit
  • Only one pad layer allowed.  Individual arm/knee pads allowed, or padded jerseys.  Cannot have both forms of pads
  • 2 layers maximum.  Example: T-shirt with jersey permitted.  T-Shirt, Long sleeve shirt and jersey not permitted


  • Playing on with a hit: 1 for 1 penalty and 50 point penalty to team’s score
  • Wiping hit: 3 for 1 penalty (will be carried over to next game if not enough live bodies are available to execute penalty), 100 point penalty and player guilty of violation is ejected from event
  • Arguing with official/unsportsmanlike conduct: 10 point penalty to team for first offense, 20 point for any additional violations
  • Hot gun: < 10 fps = 10 point penalty.  >10 fps forfeiture of previous game’s score and additional 50 point penalty.
  • Any concerns must be brought up with staff by team captain only

Red Dawn Big Game is July 15th!

Who will take the trophy in 2023?

Q: What is a “Big Game” and how is it different from Open Play?

A: A big game is where each team is designated at the beginning of the day and stays that way, in this case the theme is based on the iconic historic rivalry between Pirates and the Royal Navy. Additionally, we will lift the nets between different courses to create one massive field of play for the two teams to square off. Instead of the regular “Team Death Match” that players regularly play, the teams will need to score points for their team in order to win.

Q: How big is the play area going to be?

A: With the nets lifted up the total play area will combine 4 of our largest courses!

Q: Will I get to choose my team?

A: Yes! You can choose your team when you register! (On game day, if there’s more than a 10% variance, we’ll take volunteers to switch teams to make things even)

Q: Will you still have Open Play?

A: No, since most of the fields will be in play for the scenario game, there will not be enough fields for Open Play.