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3-man pump tournament series

Series 1: Saturday May 14th @ 9AM

Series 2: Sunday Sep 4th @9AM

*Check-in begins @9AM – Captain’s Meeting @10AM

Pump Tournament Information

o Each team will consist of a minimum of 3 players.
o Sign-up fee is $120 for 1 Series or $200 for both. (Online team sign-up can be done here.)


Single Event:

  • 1st Place Team: $200 Cash
  • 2nd Place Team: $100 Cash
  • 3rd Place Team: Accessory Pack
  • Event MVP (Individual): Golden barrel plaque
  • MVP Runner Up (Individual): Silver barrel plaque

Series Event:

  • 1st Place Team: Gold Trophy
  • 2nd Place Team: Silver Trophy
  • 3rd Place Team: Bronze Trophy
  • Series MVP (Individual): Azodin KPC
  • Series MVP Runner Up (Individual): Paintball DNA Player Package


Each game will utilize a Center Flag

  • 20 Points for flag pull
  • 35 Points for flag hang
  • 5 Points for each player alive at the end of the game
  • 10 Points for team elimination

Each player may only utilize a gravity-fed loader

Each player is limited to 200 rounds per match

Conduct Policy

Playing on with a hit: 1 for 1 penalty and 50 point penalty to team’s score
Wiping hit: 3 for 1 penalty (This will be carried over if not enough live bodies are available to execute penalty), 100 point penalty to team’s score and the player guilty of this violation will be ejected from the event
Disrespectfully arguing with tournament official: 10 Point penalty from team’s score for the first incident, 20 point penalty for any additional offenses

Join us for a Summer Celebration!

Starting at 10am we will be hosting an event for the whole community!

Activities include:

  • Mobile axe throwing
  • Unveiling the brand new tournament paintball course
  • Paintball with the Maryville Mutineers
  • Disc Golf!
  • Cupcakes provided by Cinnfull Gourmet (Formerly Angie Cakes)
  • Movie theater popcorn from The Hangar!
  • Kids Open Play Paintball (Just $10/Player with 120 paintballs!)
  • Bounce party with A&M Amusements
  • Snowies Snow Cones
  • Clear Creek Catering
  • And all-day paintball open play! ($5 Off ALL entries!)


Saturday, July 9th 2022

Pre-register today for our first ever scenario game!

$20 for Pre-Registration (Ends June 25th)

$30 Registration/Day of pricing

Q: What is a scenario game?

A: A scenario game is where each team is designated at the beginning of the day and stays that way, in this case based on the Red Army and Wolverines of the classic movie, “Red Dawn”. Additionally, we will lift the nets between different courses to create one massive field of play for the two teams to square off. Instead of the regular “Team Death Match” that players regularly play, the teams will need to score points in order to win.

Q: How big is the play area going to be?

A: With the nets lifted up the total play area will be about 3 1/2 acres!

Q: Will I get to choose my team?

A: Yes! You can choose your team when you register! (On game day, if there’s more than a 10% variance, we’ll take volunteers to switch teams to make things even)

Q: Will you still have Open Play?

A: No, since most of the courses will be in play for the scenario game, there will not be enough courses for Open Play.

The Fields Paintball

The Fields Paintball provides the Northwest Missouri area with paintball fields and mobile rental gear for private events.

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