Frequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. If you still have a question and can’t find the answer here, feel free to reach out by call or text at (816)200-0470 or send us an email at

General Paintball Facts & Questions

What is the minimum age for children to play?

For traditional paintball, we require players to be 10 years old or older. If you would like to book a private party for players that are under 10, please reach out to us to discuss our low-impact “Gotcha Gear” for kids.

What should I wear?

Our only requirement is closed toed footwear. Other than that wear whatever you want! We do however recommend you wear something you don’t mind getting dirty. Fortunately, all of our paint is water soluble and will not stain your clothes. We can’t say the same for mud!

Is paintball a safe sport?

Paintball is one of the safest sports you can play. Statistically, paintball has the least number of injuries of most sports – to include baseball, bowling, football, and many others. As with any sport/activity, there is always the potential for injury. As long as the safety rules are followed and the proper use of approved safety equipment is utilized appropriately, paintball will continue to be one of the safest sports in the world.

Can I sign my waiver online?

Yes! Whether it’s your first time playing paintball or you’ve been around the block, every player must sign a waiver before game play.

Paintball Park Facts & Questions

Can I bring my own gear?

Yes! You may absolutely bring your own equipment. All equipment must meet our safety requirements.

Where is your park located?

We are located at 1610 South Main St, Maryville MO 64468, behind The Hangar movie theatre.

What are your hours?

The park is open to the public every Saturday & Sunday from 10AM-5PM for Open Play. Walk-ons welcome! We are available for private parties any day of the week. You can check out our calendar to book your party here.

Can I bring my own paint?

The Fields Paintball runs on “field paint” only. That means players must purchase paint on-site at our pro-shop. You can find our paint prices here.

Can I bring alcohol to the park?

No, our park is a smoke-free and alcohol-free facility all year-round.

I have a gift certificate for a free entry. Can I use it for a private party?

No, free entries and other gift certificates, unless otherwise specified, are for Open Play only. Our Open Play hours are on Saturdays and Sundays!

Can I bring my electric paintball marker?

Yes! Electric markers can be used in regular open play games as long as they have been turned down to 5.5 BPS (Balls Per Second). When electric-only open play games are running, the BPS may be turned up as high as 13.

What is the maximum velocity?

Our maximum velocity is 280 FPS. (Feet Per Second) We have an on-site chronograph if you need to make any velocity adjustments to YOUR paintball marker. Rental gear will not be adjusted.

What kind of fields do you have?

At our park we currently have woodsball, speedball, hyperball, a tires course, and a large farm course with more to come!

What is this Birthday Add-On on your calendar?

When you go to book a private party, you can also add Birthday Party items to bring even more fun to your party! When you get the Birthday Party package, you and your party will receive: one 10×10 canvas tent over your reserved picnic tables, 2 paintball themed table covers, 24 paintball themed cupcake toppers, paintball themed tableware, 24 vanilla and chocolate cupcakes, and 30 Kool-Aid Jammers!

Kids Low-Impact Paintball Questions

What are the age requirements?

Kiddos between 6 – 9 years old may only use our low-impact Gotcha Gear. Older players are more than welcome to join in low-impact games should they choose to do so.

What is “Gotcha Gear”?

The “Gotcha Gear” is our low-impact, pump action, single shot paintball markers. These markers use smaller paintballs than your regular paintball markers.

How much does it cost to book a kid’s private party?

Just like booking a traditional paintball private party, you will be required to pay a $100 deposit at the time of booking. This deposit is to be returned the day of your event. Additionally, it costs $35 for each player participating in the paintball games. (This INCLUDES paint!)

Do we have to book ahead of time? Or can just we show up?

We require kid’s parties to be reserved in advance. (This can be done here) Unlike our traditional paintball, we do not have kid’s “Open Play”.

Can I bring outside food like a birthday cake?

Yes! We welcome outside food and drink anytime. (With the exception of alcohol) You can also purchase a Birthday Party package add-on at the time of your booking! The Birthday Package includes: one 10×10 canvas tent over your reserved picnic tables, 2 paintball themed table covers, 24 paintball themed cupcake toppers, paintball themed tableware, 24 vanilla and chocolate cupcakes, and 30 Kool-Aid Jammers!

Can I bring my own paintball gear to a private party?

For kid’s parties, we require that our specific paintball markers be used by all players participating in the games rather than those personally owned by participants.