Reservations at the park

Check out our calendar below and select a date and time that works best for you!

After payment, check your email for the last step in your booking process!

For any reservation over 60 players, please reach out to discuss your booking options!

(816) 200-0470 or

Private Party Paintball – Booking Information

What to expect during your private party…

When your party arrives at the park, they will need to sign a waiver if they have not done so already online. (You can do that here!) After staff members with The Fields Paintball have verified that waivers have been signed, each player in your party will receive a wristband and any necessary rental equipment. Additionally, your party will be directed to a reserved staging area. Once everyone is ready, a Fields Paintball Referee will lead your party to designated fields and games can begin!

Before you start playing…

At the start of your scheduled reservation, each participant will sign a waiver. (You and everyone in your party can sign ahead of time online.) If anyone needs to rent equipment they will receive a paintball marker with barrel plug, and a protective mask. If players have free entry gift certificates, those cannot be used for private parties. They are only intended for Open Play. At this time, and throughout the event, players may also purchase paint. Paint prices may be seen at

Let’s begin!

A staff member will conduct a safety briefing, explain game rules, and answer any player questions. Once this is done, it’s time to get the teams on the field!

Have more questions?

Head over to our FAQ page or feel free to reach out! You can call or text anytime at (816)200-0470 or email us at

Birthday Party Add-On Info

When you get the Birthday Party package, you and your party will receive: one 10×10 canvas tent over your reserved picnic tables, 2 paintball themed table covers, 24 paintball themed cupcake toppers, paintball themed tableware, 24 vanilla and chocolate cupcakes, and 30 Kool-Aid Jammers!